Saturday, August 2, 2014

M.D. Narayana Iyer, Chapter 10

In this narrative, I have not written much about Appa's third child, Dharmu. This is not because he was in any way inferior to his siblings, but the special qualities of Appa, which this narrative is about, did not have much chance to play in Dharmu's life.  Dharmu stood first in the presidency for his B.Sc. as well as B.E. (hons.) from Guindy and cleared the All India competitive exam for engineers.  He married Janaki, daughter of C.V. Venkateswaran.  Dharmu retired as Chief Engineer of CPWD. Inshort, Dharmu lead a "regular" life, and Appa was proud of him.

Appa was very fond of Dharmu's three children, Brinda, Ramesh and Hema, Brinda being his favourite.

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